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Transport Canada Tests Segway
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Letters to the Minister of Transportation in Alberta, the Premier of Alberta and to other officials in the municipal and provincial government have gotten me exactly ...nowhere! They are more interested in raking in oil revenues, slashing health care services and poo-poo'ing all the people out of work because of gross mismanagement of huge industries, countries and even provinces...

So, I need about $6,000 to purchase a Segway, and about $2,000 for taxes on this money. As a pensioner, I do not have any disposable funds after paying my mortgage, utilities, insurance and buy food. I am loosely estimating I will require another $1,000 to pay for the initial tickets the RCMP will be writing me, as well as for a lawyer until I can bring up either a Constitutional Challenge or a Charter of Rights and Freedoms Challenge. At that time, I hope to be able to be in contact with any non-profit legal organization that will help me in my bid for freedom.


What am I doing?

I was ready to go to the bank and get a loan to purchase one of these marvelous devices when I discovered that Segway's are ILLEGAL in my Province. In 9 years, our Province has not lifted a single finger to take a look at the Segway PMD and create a niche for it to fit into our transportation matrix. For this reason, my wife and family will not let me spend what little money I have coming in on what is in truth an expensive device.

So, I find that I have to buck the system – I have my arguments for lawyers, Canadian Human Rights and Disability Rights people and the like, but they are all useless until I can get a venue to make my point! I need to get a ticket for riding my Segway – and possibly risk having it seized by the RCMP as an illegal vehicle. I have already found chinks in our laws that allow me to ride on local trails, and wish to test this loophole as soon as possible.

For this reason, the only way I can afford to move this forward is to fund raise sufficient funds to purchase my own Segway PMD, pay any Canadian Taxes on the money I will raise (it will be taxable as income as I am NOT a charity!), and hopefully have some extra money left over to hire a lawyer to further my Human Rights Appeal/Handicapped-Disability argument all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada, if necessary!

Donate $1 today. Donate $100 today. It's a free country, it's your choice!

Help me attain my goal of Cdn $9,000 to purchase a Segway and grant me the freedom to leave my house and move around my town without needing assistance from anybody. Donate as much, or as little as you wish.

Every $1 counts in my quest to break free of my independence prison!

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Transport Canada: "Segway's are Safe!"

"The results of the technical evaluation carried out at the PMG Technologies Test and Research Centre demonstrated that under normal use, Segway's are very stable, run quietly and smoothly, and give users a feeling of being in control.

They are easy to maneuver, accelerate gently, run silently and can stop quickly in case of emergency. Users are informed immediately of any loss of pressure in a tire by the device’s slight veering to the deflated tire side.

The device easily goes up and down hills with gradients as steep as 36%. Turns with curve radii as low as 15 ft. can be negotiated at full speed without skidding and while maintaining full control of the device."


"The Segway was perceived to be a device designed to meet a large number of mobility requirements for a broad segment of the public. The survey results also indicated that Segways could possibly generate transfers to other forms of mobility, especially alternatives to automobiles."

In Canada,

we have no such support!



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