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What is Segway4aVet?

Segway 4 a Vet is a website designed by a handicapped Canadian Veteran, one who has been denied a medical pension on three separate occasions without reason,, but one whom must now live from day-to-day suffering excruciating nerve pain that dictates and defines his every living moment.

Of course, no human can endure this type of continuous pain without eventually developing emotional and mental health issues. Segway4aVet's aim is to restore some mobility and dignity to this Veterans life.


Who am I?

My name is Edwin, and I am a 23 year Veteran of the Canadian Forces. In 1997, I somehow injured myself during a deployment to aid civilians, and over a period of about 4 years, went from a mere “tingling numbness” in my right leg, all the way down to my right foot, to the point where I was no longer employable by the military due to my extreme mental and physical disabilities brought about by severe nerve pain attacks in my leg.

During these 5 years, I was continually misdiagnosed by military and military contracted medical personnel, having to endure the label of “Imagining it”, and “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome” to the most painfully hurtful and almost a parting shot, being called a “Malingerer” - the most hurtful word in ANY Military service.

Today, I need to walk with a cane, but only for short distances as the pain not only becomes excruciating, but I have to get back home somehow.

It doesn't matter if you offer $1 or $10, I appreciate every cent -it's your choice. If every visitor offers $1 or $2, eventually it will lead to my freedom!

IF you do not want to make a donation, then please tell a friend about my wish.

Help me attain my goal of Cdn $9,000 to purchase a Segway and grant me the freedom to leave my house and move around my small city without needing assistance from anybody. Donate as much, or as little as you wish.

Every $1 counts in my quest to break free of my independence prison!

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Disability Rights Advocates For Technology - Their Mission:

In the United States, the DRAFT represents people with disabilities who refuse to be defined by their disability and whose passionate enthusiasm for participating in life’s activities is supported by Universal Design and new and emerging technologies. 

We provide advocacy and education services as an advocate for the adoption of Universally Designed Technology Solutions.  We believe they are the only sustainable approach for continued improvement in quality of life issues affecting people with disabilities and senior citizens.

The opportunities these solutions offer for extending the independent life of the baby boomer generation and people with disabilities will provide extraordinary benefits to our society as a whole.

 The issues focused on by DRAFT affect every citizen of the United States regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or income level.

In Canada,

we have no such support!



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