The Province answers my letter to the Premier.

by edouin  

Below is the letter I received in reply to the letter I sent to the Premier. My responses are in the "*****"'s so they stand out a bit better. Jeeze.

Mr. Edwin W

Dear Mr. W:

Thank you for your April 14, 2008 email concerning Segways.

Miniature motor vehicles, including Segways, are "motor vehicles" as
defined in the Traffic Safety Act. These vehicles may present a hazard
to other roadway users because their novel size and operating
characteristics. Additionally, these vehicles are not designed nor do
they have adequate safety systems, to safety share the road with other
roadway users. While many of these motorized vehicles may be used in
pedestrian-like manner, the operators of these vehicles do not meet the
definition of "pedestrian".

*****I don't know why they are considered "motor vehicles" - electric wheelchairs are not considered the same way!*****

Consequently, the registration of miniature motor vehicles, and their
use on Alberta's roadways, is prohibited by the Operator Licensing and
Vehicle Control Regulation. Miniature motor vehicles may only be
operated on private property.

*****Again, they are not Motor Vehicles, Miniature or large!*****

As you may already be aware, municipalities may permit the operation of
miniature motor vehicles in public parks, on bicycle paths, walking
trails, and in other recreation areas. Please contact the City of Fort
Saskatchewan to effect changes to their bylaws.

*****I did, and I was told that it was a Provincial Problem and that even if it was the City's responsibility, they were going to toe the same line as the Province. What a bunch of Wussies!!!*****

Alberta's Traffic Safety Act was enacted May 20, 2003. There is no
scheduled requirement for a review of the Traffic Safety Act. A change
to Alberta's Traffic Safety Act, or its attendant regulations, is made
when there is an established public need for change. All changes to the
Traffic Safety Act and its attendant regulations must first undergo
public consultation and be supported by a majority of affected

*****So, How does one go about getting this started! The Province has known about Segways since 2001 - and the only thing they have done in 8 years is to "outlaw" them. My tax dollars at work, huh?*****

Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

Yours truly,

Sara Wong
Senior Policy Advisor
Alberta Transportation

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