Fort Sask Informed? Or Uninformed? Here's how to to be the former!

by edouin  

Folks - if one is on FaceBook and cannot find out what is going on in our town, I'm pretty sure it's not the City's fault. They have advertised ALL events and dates even before the Annual Fort Saskatchewan Community Catalogue comes out (delivered to every address in town for free!).

 Like, in the Winter!!!

In this catalogue (available at any City Office for free as well) are the names of contacts, Dates of events and usually a small write-up as to what is happening. A complete listing of all Non-Profit groups, Family Resources and Child Resources are listed. A complete listing of Events at the DOW Centennial Centre is the highlight of the Catalogue, but, again, only a part of what is going on around down.

City Business Office hours. Dump/Transfer Hours. Snow Removal Priorities in the winter.

Oh, and if, for any reason, you cannot remember when you threw that catalogue into the recycle bin (It had BETTER be the recycle bin!), then just go on over to the City's website - it's easy to remember.

Fort Saskatchewan in Canada.

In WebSpeak, that translates to! All the above information, (and tons more!!!) are available on that site.

Perhaps spend an hour looking at the various pages. Bookmark it if you have a bad memory.

Didja know you can see the state of your Utilities by logging into the City's website? Got a By-Law question? The entire Volume of Ft. Sask. By-Laws are available online. Council Meetings? Agenda's? Minutes of previous Meetings? This is all old-school for any budding Reporter, so take a page from them and learn a bit more about your great City! I'll wager that you will find something that will pleasantly surprise you on the website.

Remember, Bookmark the page! You're welcome.

Children playing in Fort Saskatchewan are becoming a hazard to traffic. ~OR~ Where the hell are all the playgrounds???

by edouin  

I read today that someone, followed by several others, have taken issue to children playing in driveways, and in particular, in driveways that share a common property line between driveways, effectively creating a "double-wide" driveway - a perfect playground for children.

But, apparently, some parents are taking issue with "other" children playing in their driveways, and want them removed, so posted a rhetorical question in the local FaceBook group.  It goes like this:

"What to do when little kids in your neighbor hood use your driveway for riding their bikes up and down , we have asked the kids not to play on our driveway . They not only continued they ride the bikes right up to our front door , parents are not out to watch them."

Great Question! But you forgot to use a question mark, so in actuality, you just posted a badly written, perhaps rhetorical, statement...

I also hear, and feel, your collective pain.  I once counted 9 rugrats on our shared double-driveway.  But to put it into perspective, at that age, my friends and I routinely set up hockey nets in the middle of the street and moved them when cars came by.  Not today.  We'd have between 6 and 20 kids playing at any one time.  You just have to set boundries, and enforce them!

I remember (oh, hells no!!!), we used to race up and down the sidewalks on our banana bikes, streamers on the handle-bars, and playing-cards attached to snap against tire spokes.  Not any more.  I used to ride my bike from Northgate to Southgate when I was 9 years old.  I did 5 Edmonton March of Dimes Walkathons - mostly by myself or with friends - before I was 12!  Not today.

Society has seemed to removed any and all informal play areas, and moved them to "play grounds". Yet, parents still will not let their children out of their sight, so there is NO alternative, but to play on the sidewalks and streets.

Ahhh, but wait - there is!  More further on...

Another part of the problem is that many streets only have sidewalks on one side and not the other, creating a direct yard-to-street access, not a very safe environment, especially for playing children when there is no sidewalk to act as a "buffer zone" between the street and yard/driveway.

I don't know if this is just me, or does it seem that today's parents don't trust their children to come home at appointed times, or is it that Society (and MSM) has made the public environment "polluted" with scary stories of abductions and attacks?  

And why sidewalks on only one side?  That encourages jay-walking (yeah, yeah, I'm nitpicking), but that can translate into dangerous behaviour in later years, right?

Why is this such an oxymoron? I mean, the level of crime has gone DOWN since I was a child, yet the fear level has gone UP.

Such a conundrum.

We were not blessed with children, but I love the sound of kids playing and squealing with fun - that is what their life is supposed to be about - (self)discovery, learning, social play, how to interact with other children, how to play fair, how to be competitive, how to look out for each other. Social play has turned into "driveway play" these days, apparently.

Perhaps someone should show the (what's the term?  Helicopter?) parents where the back gate to the Green-Belt is located???  That is what it is there for - a park-playground-trail system.  I've seen some green belts with soccer-nets on nicely cut grass.  The city thinks that's awesome.  So do I.  More parents should be like this!  If you are fortunate to live next to one of the trails in our great City, then take advantage of it - set boundries for the children to remain within (say a couple hundred meters either way?) - this give them lots of room to ride their bikes, scooters , boards, whatever, and they are not on the street.  I've met a family that on Canada Day each year, they have a family Volleyball Tournament in their Green Belt area.  Awesome!  And they invite anyone who wanders down the trail to join in the game.  That is tremendous, and I fully encourage such activities!  More, even!

I love it when I come down one of the many trails to find children playing next to the trails, some even have mini-parks/playgrounds (even if just a sandbox!) to keep children occupied.

Bottom line?  There really is no reason for children to be riding their bikes up and down driveways when there are so many alternatives all around us.  We are fortunate to have such an extensive Trail System with bountiful Green Spaces, to be used by any and all citizens.  

This includes children.

On bikes, scooters, roller skates, wheel chairs.  All inclusive club.  Not Exclusive!  Maybe more should join it, eh?


Addendum - I also appreciate that not all families have easy access to the Trail System, and other than to say "go easy on them, they're children", they are not at fault for being restricted to a small play area - that is probably the parents' (leash) rules - Perhaps some may need to loosen the leash a bit?  Perhaps some need to get out of the house more and join the children in a walk to the nearest playground and play with supervision, until they are old enough to do so safely by themselves?  Seems the logical way to me, but, not being a parent, I will try to understand why parents are so fearful of letting their children play unfettered...







Sorry, I have no choice but be on the fence for this once!

by edouin  

Well, its time to get tongues wagging again.  

A very nice, Christian lady posted this image (below) on FaceBook recently, and I mulled over it for a while until I could not make up my mind what to think about this.

So, I made a Pro/Con list that also included "not sure which way I'd go, because it depends on the circumstances". 

Yeah, only a couple ideas in that column.

So, I've attached a screen-grab of a video showing a waving American Flag with the "demand" posted at top/bottom with the following (typo included for clarity):

"If you live in my country i expect you to respect the flag"
"Share if you agree". 

Sorry, I have no choice but be on the fence for this once!

Well, that sounds like a challenge, so I'll share it, but my way.


Hmmmmmm.  So, OK, I find myself somewhat on the fence with this one - Not that I disrespect the United States as a country, but I do have issues with being told to bestow respect upon a symbol - no matter what it is.  

Be it a crucifix (just a plain wood one!), or any country flag, any State/Provincial flag, any Municipal flag, Town crest, or whichever animal was made the "official" animal.  That is the work of someone "demanding" respect, and I do not lightly kowtow to demands, especially after serving more than 2 Decades in the Army.  You want my respect?  Earn it like everybody else!

The ONLY thing I respect is the works and acts of man.  Not a god.  Not a piece of fabric.  Not a symbol, and not "just" the flag of a country that I may be living in.

In my crap memory, I remember living in 4 very diverse countries during my life, and the only flag I respected, was the one that cover the coffin of a fellow soldier killed on duty.  THAT, I can respect, as he gave his life to the IDEA of what our Country is about, not to some object to be worshipped, adored and demanding respect.  

What did THAT thing ever do to earn my respect? (Answer later!)

I agree that many fine young men, AND Women, spilled their blood for the idea of their national flag, a symbol that represents their country, but in reality, was invented to help differentiate a country (region) from the various other countries (regions) out there.  They didn't die for their flag.  They died for what they believed their Country represented.  Not a flag.  A symbol.  A physical rendering of a non-physical act, state or movement.

So, not a real thing.  How can you respect nothing?  You cannot.  You respect what the flag/symbol/icon represents, not the flag/symbol/icon itself.  They are physical constructs of non-physical properties.  Things like Loyalty. Fealty. Love. Belonging, Comradship. Sisterhood. Brotherhood. Pride. And so on. Acts and Accomplishments that engender intense feelings.

NOT the local bowling team with the Radical team logo on their shirts, ball-bags and little whip flags on their 3-wheelers. Unless, of course, you are into that kind of stuff. (OK, a bad shot to bowling teams. Sorry 'bout that!)

There is no mystical, magical or powerful entity living within ANY flag.  Even when a Priest blesses a flag, it does not bestow any significant powers onto the physical symbol of flag - it is a blessing of the idea of what the symbol/flag represents.  

To an Athiest or Diest, it's a non-event in any case.  So, really, who/what is the Priest blessing, and for whom?

Ever wonder why in the past, they said "Rally around the Flag"?  Because it was a point of reference for fellow soldiers to meet up and fight "in strength", to "Rally" and also, interestingly enough, to show the enemy where the Commander of the other forces was located.  It helped focus both sides and give them targets to work towards.   THAT is what Rallying around the Flag meant.  It was not to "save" the flag, or for the flag to "save" them.  It was more to save the Commanders High-ranking Ass so that he could live to lose another battle another day, if anything.

It was a point of reference.  I can respect that, as a point of reference, being a (former) fan of Orienteering, but not, simply, as a flag.  It's just a piece of cloth.  This was a lesson hard-learned by the British when they ran up against the "Loyalists" in their forest-inspired camoflagued clothing.  So, yeah, we don't "rally around the flag" any more.  It makes one a nice, juicy, target.

In actuality, most military HQ's are dispersed over large areas, connected by high-encryption, fibre-connected hub networks, so that if one part of the HQ gets blasted, the other parts can still carry on until a "replacement" part is dug out of the back areas and moved forward to continue providing Command and Control.  But I digress...or make a lousy segue?

Flags?  Nyet.  Badges, Medals, Ranks, Insignia.  All convey signatures of respect.  A medal is given to a soldier for an outstanding effort, event, bravery, wounds.  The Medal itself does not demand respect, the person wearing the medal demands the respect.  And they should get it!

They would not have received the medal without having earned it, right?  I know I can respect what that person did - I can see it plainly on their chest. This is the reason why so many are so vehementy against "fake Veterans" walking around with a chest-full of medals. The medal is just a sign pointing out what the person who is wearing the medal, has done.  It's up to us to offer any respect that we feel was justly earned.  

However, if one is found out to NOT have earned that Medal, Righteous Scorn (and worse - villifying on FaceBook!) is offered instead of Respect.  It was not earned.  It was stolen.  Hence, "Stolen Valour".

I cannot respect a stolen medal.  I can, however, still respect the person who rightfully earned it.

So, if you had asked me if I respected the United states instead, I would say that 2 years ago, I had great respect for the US of A.

Today, I have a lot less respect than 2 years ago.  Take it for what it's worth.  I don't worship symbols, and I sure as hell don't "respect" a piece of cloth, unless it has done something to earn my respect.  

I will, however, continue to respect WHAT the flag represents - so, no, I won't be doing any dancing and lighting on fire of ANY Nations Flag.  That's just disrespectful.  And proves one is a total Dick!

A cloth that I utilize as a tourniquet to save someone's life - THAT i can respect! 

Or - be a cover for a dead comrade.  He fought for what that flag represents, and I'll respect THAT particular piece of material until the day I die.  But don't just ask me to "respect" something as if it automatically deserves it.  

It doesn't. 

Just as Trump's poll numbers take great joy in demonstrating.

Whups, I just fell off the fence...


Gender Neutral titles are starting to piss me off!

by edouin  

Here is a good video of Sally Yates not taking any Krap from some Senator.

So, I went on a wee rampage on FaceBook (and have removed the post), but will put my response below to a woman who called Sally Yates her Hero and not a Heroine because that is "sexist".
I lost it.  110 wpm - poor keyboard was smokin'!
Here is my response (and I will put the link to this blog in the post instead!)
"Heroine is not sexist. Geeze, take a chill pill!

I don't understand where people get this stupid PC bullshit that females need to have the exact same title as males of the same trade, profession. It started with actors wanting to become Actors and not Actors and Actresses. Ask your tailor next time what a lady does that involves sewing is called. Then a man doing the same thing. It is how our language is made up to differentiate the different genders assigned to similar roles.


☼ It has NOTHING to do with Gender Assignment, Gender Equality or inequality.

☼ It has nothing to do with work-place signage.

☼ Nothing to do with real day-to-day business decisions

☼Everything to do with mamby-pamby "we want to be the same as the others" movement.


Strange thing is that a Female is nothing like a Male, and that is why there is so much confusion these days about "Gender Assignment" I'm not against LGBQT or sex changes - that's everyone's right. I just have issue with wanting to change titles "to be fair" when "fair" has nothing to do with it.


It has to do with Identity!


In German, French, Latin and many other languages that make up the English Language, they ALL have Gender related Nouns, either Masculine, Feminine or Neutural.

Pick one. Stay with it.


Teachers are male and female, and each have their own titles. Drivers, waitresses/waiters, heck, even little boys and girls have their own "sex" other than Man or Woman. In German, again, there is a differentiation between a married woman, a single woman and a young woman - 3 different words for the same gender. And the English Speaking are whining about Two!


So, this preoccupation with "Sexist" labels is a totally made-up Politically Correct knee-jerk reaction to suck up to each other and make each other feel important, all the while not accomplishing a bloody, damned, thing.


Total waste of time - and way to screw up the young'uns, and that is just MY opinion.
.-  .-.

Muslim men need to understand that the Quran says they should observe hijab first, not women!

by edouin  

I will not bend your ear today with any of MY rantings or ravings.  Instead, I found this little tidbit that I would like to share from a British Newspaper.  Enjoy!

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