A little about ourselves:  We are both Cat lovers, and boy do we have a lot of cat to love - notice the singular use? Actually, we had 2 armfuls, Caesar and Eli.

Mutt is the first cat I had since I moved away from home.  How Mutt received his name is a long story, but that can be told at another time.  Mutt was the oldest at 17 years, born in Germany and well traveled across Canada by car.  He is a pure black domestic type of cat with 1 white whisker on each side of his nose.  Tiny feet and a skinny butt round out his rotund appearance. 8 years ago, you could barely see light between his belly and the floor.

Mutt passed away peacefully just after his 17th birthday in the arms of his owners.  We miss him dearly, and he graces our mantle in his own special urn.
63Kb JPEG Image - Mutt snoozing on warm tummy!            57Kb Image JPEG Mutt the lap cat!

Mutt the Patriarch of the yard
Yeti is a mutant white cat with double sized paws and a total of 27 claws! Counting toes is not fair as some are grown together.  His feet are about the size of a rabbit, hence his name.  He can walk on top of snow that Caesar sinks into. 

Pink ears, nose and paws enhance the rabbit effect.  He is also a total Klutz! (In cat shoe size, he probably takes a size 22 on a size 10 frame!)  We acquired Yeti from a nice British gentleman in Kingston Ontario to take Mutts' attention away from the food bowl.  It worked!

  Yeti - The California cat enjoying the sun           27 claws, who knows how many toes?

Yeti - the big-foot sun-worshipper!

Update! July 2005

Sadly, at the tender age of 17 years, Yeti passed away quietly in the arms of his "beans" after fighting cancer, a heart murmur and other complications. He is missed by his brother, Caesar, and by his beans. You never know how much you miss a pet until the day he is not there. He now sits next to his brother Mutt, in his own special urn.


26Kb JPEG - The two Brothers11Kb JPEG - Caesars Face 2002

Caesar was our last addition to the family.  He is a chocolate-point (not-quite) Himalayan.  Not a true Himalayan as the face and tail are not in keeping with standards, but who cares.  Caesar was supposed to be a Cleopatra, but the Vet sifted through his fur to discover that we had named him wrong. 

His long silky fur started out very light in colour when younger, but now is long and dark.  His eyes are glowing blue and he has a HUGE long tail that, with the fur flat, still measures 2 inches around.  You should see his tail when a stray cat finds his way into the yard. 

Caesar is a "talker".  He talks to you when he wants something and you can actually have conversations with him.  He took over the food fetish from Mutt.


More photo's of Eli can be found at our Webshots Page

In the spring of 2004, Yeti became what we thought was deathly ill, and we thought that we should break the ice for Caesar by getting a kitty for his company while Yeti was still here, so thanks to our Vet, we adopted this rescued kitten, and we named him Eli. Until we got him home, the most room he had to play around in would have been the size of a large closet. You see, he was a pet store kitten, but because of his deformed claws, no one wanted to buy him. He bounced from shop to store until a worker at our Vet's office took him in.

Actually, by the time we got Eli, Yeti had undergone a miraculous recovery, but we had already committed to giving him a home. Lucky him! He promptly took over the house, screaming up and down the stairs - totally wild in abandon of all obstacles because he had never had this much room to run around in. STAIRS! Long Hallways! Beds and Beans to jump over, under and around!.

One day, I got bored sipping on my latte, and didn't want to read my eBook on my cell phone any more, so I decided to take a quick video using my cell phone video camera.

The quality is not the greatest, and my hands were shaking (people, I was sucking back on my 3rd Latte of the day!)

Anyways, this is the INSIDE of the greenhouse where Tine works part time at the Cappuccino Bar. Every January-March, they build an indoor pond, complete with waterfalls, plants, trees, shrubs, etc.

Oh, and the pond is stocked with huge goldfish.


Read more about the Trials and Tribulations of our first 3 Cats in my stories about our first house in a small central Alberta town.

Christine is a "Fine Artist", specializing in Oil Painting, Lithography, Photography and Etchings.  She is the Gardener/Decorator of the family.   She is a fantastic cook and her garden supplies many of the raw herbs/spices she requires. She exhibits a flare for painting homes using techniques such as sponging, smooshing, overlaying stencils and unique combinations of paint colours such as "snickerdoodle" and "Seasick Polar Bear Off-White".

Edwin is the "Builder/Destroyer, specializing in Landscaping, Renovations, Radios, Computers and the destruction of all the same items to make way for new creations.  He is a lousy cook and has no clue what herbs and spices are in the garden.  He was asked - only once - to weed the garden, and that was a disaster because he "weeded" out the plants and herbs that were "supposed" to be there! Don't ask his wife to tell you about the "Weed 'N Feed" debacle. He's still trying to live that down!

Edwin has retired and works his wife's small home business in Large Format Digital Imaging.


Last updated 31 Oct 2005

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