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Homemade Video's for all

All these videos were taken with my Treo 680 Cell phone/PDA, I apologise for the quality, but hey, it's fast, cheap and fun! Enjoy!

Mr. Weasley Gets his Feet Wet!

Such a nice Spring day - for the beginning of March!. We sat outside, drinking Latte's and eating Cinnamon Buns with a sweet frosting, enjoying the sunshine. It actually went up to 8 degrees today, and Eastern Canada was getting nailed with 40-50 cm's of snow in a huge storm!

We decided to let the cats out, and as they were hemmed in by 3 banks of snow and a fence, they felt perfectily happy to just roll around on the concrete. Except for Benny - We almost had him outside, but he bolted back in, and then after another 10 minutes of coaxing, we got his front feet to actually touch the back step out the door!

Here is a short video of Mr. Weasley letting us try to get his feet wet until he heard a local bird.

Tine's Workplace

Greenland Garden Centre, where Tine works, builds a pond(s) each January to attract customers to the Cappuccino Bar and to buy gifts from their store. This year, one of the waterfalls/streams originates INSIDE a VW Minibus, comes out the side door, down a short stream and empties into a pond.

There is another "tradition" waterfall/stream to the left of the KB (Kleine Bus), and hundreds of plants blooming and growing like crazy in the greenhouse. Of course, there are patio chairs and tables for customers to sit and decide which plants and ornaments for the yard they want to buy - just the place to see them in "action".

Trade Show 2008 Baby Crawl Heat #3

One of the highlights of each year is the Annual Baby Crawl. This year Carrie arranged to race over 27 babies, and each baby received a prize - there are NO losers! Yay!

Trade Show 2008 Baby Crawl Heat #5 - What a Race!!!

This was the last Baby-Crawl race of 2008, and what a race it was. Just when you thought lane 2 had it sewn up, Lane 5 screams by, stalls out, and Lane 3 - Well, watch the video and see what happens!

Trade Show 2008 - The Money Machine

A Brilliant idea by Trish on the Committee, was bringing in the Money Machine. Each member of a show's audience receives a ticket with number. At the end of a show, 3 audience members are drawn as contestants to spend 23 seconds in the Money Machine.

Wearing an apron, the contestant tries to capture as much money (and prize vouchers) as they can without reaching below the waist or bending over or trapping the money against the glass. The money must be in the apron pocket at the end of the time to be counted towards the winning total. A Great show-stopper and lots of fun for contestant and audience alike. I hope we do it again next year!

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