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Summer is here!
OK. Which wiseass keeps putting fish into our pond?
Ain't Alberta Wunderful?

What we had in the past was
a lack of Communication.
Now we can't keep up!
Ain't Modern Technology

Simply Wonderful?

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I be Caesar, ruler of dis house, eater of food, killer of birds and mice!

Welcome to Caesar's Website!

Here are some new things to look forward to on this website:

Christines Gift Cards - View and order online here

The Fort Saskatchewan Art Society - Here is some info
Where we bring your images to "Life Size"
AFIX Frames - The latest image display system from Europe!
Some images of our cats, Yeti and Caesar
Our WEBSHOTS photo album for all to see.
For those of you looking for some fashionable alternatives for Breast Cancer, please take a look here!
The Second Annual "Pink Sunday" - Breast Cancer Fundraiser in Fort Saskatchewan on 21 October, 2007.
Our Multimedia Page! See all the links to our photo's and Video's here - all in one page!
Our eBay Store

Christine's Artwork Cards

Affordable Artwork as original Watercolour cards or as printed gift cards.

Do you want your photo's to come to life? How about "Life-Size"??? Then click on the link below!!!

Our Photo Albums - enter if you dare!

For those who are looking for the excellent HOMEPAGE of Fort Saskatchewan, please click on the logo(s) below to be brought to their website. 


OOPs - The city has a new (kinda retro) Logo for 2008.

Here it is!


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